Philadelphia Flower Show 2020

Flower show Galleria Haute Couture Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Philadelphia Flower Show 2020 Riviera Holiday

Riviera Holiday

La Flor's recent opportunity in collaboration with graduating school Made Institute, presented a notable accomplishment. Owning a great appreciation for vibrant colors and flowers, the Philadelphia Flower show was a long standing tradition for La Flor’s founder and her abuelita (English translation: grandma). Additionally, La Flor means “the Flower” in English. So, when the brand's SS19 flower petal dress was selected by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to be a part of the Galleria Haute Couture division and displayed at the Philadelphia Flower Show 2020, the family was convinced that abuelita had a special part in this project all the way from heaven. In the midst of a magical world of flowers that exuded a beautiful Riviera holiday theme, La Flor’s sunset-orange, iridescent, petal dress inspired the winning floral arrangement at the exhibit.

The colors, dress and flowers all came together for a lovely display. The exhibitor placed first.

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